About Us

Taking Care of Families and Businesses for Over 35 Years

Family owned and operated since 1976, we at Jim Dorsey and Son, Inc. have prided ourselves on our commitment to homeowners and business owners throughout our community. We continue to operate with great regard for your home or business, selecting the proper equipment, offering experienced installation, and providing you with a competitive price. We stand behind all of our work, always ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

At Jim Dorsey and Son we do much more than just heat your homes. We also keep you cool during the hot summer months, provide safe and clean drinking water systems, offer custom bath remodeling, and keep your sanitary waste system operating properly. Please check out our Services  page for a complete list of our offerings.

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Three Generations of Master Plumbers

Jim Dorsey started the company in 1976, after several years of working part time at it while holding a full time job working in the Boston area. Jim’s son Jay, helped his dad on a part time basis.  Word spread and the reputation for great work began. Jay joined the company full time in 1985 and the name was changed to Jim Dorsey & Son, Inc.. 

That can-do attitude that Jim brought to the company back in 1976 still exists today and the company remains a family operation, now having 4 of Jim’s grandsons working in the business.  Although Jim is not as active in the business as he was, he still lends a hand when needed and stops in every day.