Fire Sprinkler Systems

The first automatic fire sprinkler system was invented in 1874. And though it was a technological wonder, today’s systems are much more effective and subsequently more complex.

Our knowledgeable fire sprinkler system team is here to assist you with service, repair, testing and, inspections. They also install fire protection systems – Licensed Massachusetts Sprinkler Contractor #SC128740

We work with a certified Fire protection Engineer to engineer drawings. As with all we do, you can be assured that our work adheres to proper industry standards and code review.

Contact us to schedule a service call with one of our fire sprinkler system team to help diagnose and solve your current or recurring system problems before they get out of hand. Or schedule a free, no obligation appointment for a free estimate to install, or replace your fire sprinkler system.

Jim Dorsey & Son knows how much your safety, comfort and convenience matter.

Whether it’s a service call, replacing a system or a seasonal tune up, all of our services are provided by skilled, reliable technicians.

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