Heating system costs can be curtailed significantly if you implement the following tips and techniques.

High-Efficiency System Upgrade – Replace your inefficient, old heating system with a high-efficiency unit. Modern heating systems can reduce electricity bills by close to 25 percent. Before buying a replacement, it’s imperative to completely analyze your current system and house. In other words, you would not like buying an HVAC system that is too small or large for your abode.

Preventative Maintenance – Sign up for a preventative (semi-annual or annual) maintenance program for your system. If you stay in Bridgewater MA, make sure you get the service done by a qualified heating company in Bridgewater MA such as Jim Dorsey & Son Inc.

Experts would make sure the system is at optimal performance level, and also check whether the components are in proper working state. Such tune-up or maintenance services also help catch small issues right at their buds, so that they don’t grow into major problems later on.

Regular Air Filter Changes – Changing the air filters of your HVAC monthly, or as per the filter or furnace manufacturer’s directions, would ensure the heating system has an uninterrupted and smooth air flow. Fresh filters would help the system operate more efficiently, reducing 5-15 percent of the system’s total energy consumption.

Programmable Thermostat – A programmable thermostat installation can help substantially with reduced energy usage. With the right comfort schedule in place, your heating system will work only when needed.

The thermostat would automatically make temperature adjustments depending on the preferences you set, and will switch the heating system off by itself even if you forget to do so manually. Call Jim Dorsey & Son Inc. if you’d like replacing and installing a new heating system. Our reliable, skilled technicians will take good care of all your HVAC worries and issues.