According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), a large percentage of the energy used in an average home goes into air conditioning. With that said, you can imagine how hard it is for most people to keep up with the energy bills. However, heating and cooling your home doesn’t have to be a costly ordeal. Here are some tips on how to heat and cool your home for less in North Attleborough..

When Thinking about Air Conditioning, Think Efficiency – One of the best ways to reduce energy cost is to invest in energy efficient air conditioning equipment. If you are using an older HVAC model, then you might want to consider switching to a more modern unit. Older HVAC units were designed to be more mechanical than newer ones. This makes them consuming more energy, costing you more in gas or electric bills.

Here’s How to Determine Energy Efficiency in the Products your Buy

  • The EnergyGuide Label — When buying heat pumps, boilers, furnaces or central air conditioners, check for this label and find out how much energy that product uses. Compare your findings and then determine which one suits your needs the best.
  • The ENERGY STAR Logo — This logo will serve as an indication that the product you are buying meets DOE energy efficiency standards.

Carry out a Home Energy Assessment – If there are air leaks in your ducts, then your air condition will spend more energy to compensate for the lost heat. A professional energy assessment will allow you to detect these leaks and fix them before they cost you more. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, then hiring a heating company North Attleborough service will be a good idea.

Other Ways to Minimize Energy Costs – Replacing worn out air filters and lowering your thermostat when out of the house are two of the simplest maintenance tasks you can perform to ensure you spend less on air conditioning. Scheduling yearly maintenance for your unit will also help detect problems before they get out of hand. If this proves too difficult for you, then you can always look for heating company North Attleborough services.