Heating System Installations, Maintenance & Repairs

Need a heating service call, a system replacement, or a seasonal tune up? All our services are provided by skilled and reliable technicians.

Your heating system equipment must be maintained on a yearly basis to avoid costly repairs due to less-than-optimal performance or, continued system negligence. We’re here to help because we realize that the decision to repair or replace is a big one. We can review your options, so you know what to consider and what to expect.

A great place to start is with our Installed-Right Home Survey. It will help you quickly identify your requirements for your:

  • Home space requirements. Do you have or need special heating conditions? Do you need to include or consider a home office, an exercise room? Do you want to control when to heat closed-off or unoccupied rooms?
  • Current comfort level. It is being affected by stale air problems, or specific rooms that are too hot or too cold? What about noise levels? Is the air either too humid or muggy, or too dry, staticky and causing dry throat or skin issues?
  • Health and safety requirements. Is your indoor air quality causing respiratory issues and conditions? Is a lack of humidity control causing mold and mildew issues? Do you have child safety concerns about your system?
  • Property requirements. Are you considering or planning home renovations or an addition?
  • Financial requirements. Are you considering or planning on ways to save money on energy consumption and operating costs? Do you want to work with a contractor that can protect you as a home or property owner from risk and liability but need to explore and review financing options that are available to you?

Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation appointment with one of our installation advisors to learn more about our entire line-up of heating systems and system enhancements. Jim Dorsey & Son knows how much your comfort and convenience matter.

Whether it’s a service call, replacing a system or a seasonal tune up, all of our services are provided by skilled, reliable technicians.

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