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Energy consumption is a hot topic across the globe. Whether you are using renewable energy or fossil fuels, one thing we can all agree on is that saving money, through efficiency, is of utmost importance.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we are offered significant rebates to make our homes efficient and of course, safer. Depending on your location, you could be eligible for thousands (yes thousands) of dollars in rebates to update your aged and inefficient equipment. Just in case we didn’t catch your eye with the rebate, did you know that by updating your aged equipment you could save upwards of 40% on annual heating or cooling costs?

According to EnergyStar.Gov there are year marks that when hit could significantly affect the performance and safety of any given system. Though benchmarks are good barometers, nothing will match having our qualified technicians professionally review your equipment. Or, if you know you want to replace your system, call our office and schedule a FREE estimate with one of our Comfort Advisors.

Jim Dorsey & Son is a Mass Save Partner. Call us today to discuss your heating and cooling system. We will advise you as to the best heating or cooling option for your home and the next steps to allow you to receive the best rebate possible.

Whether it’s a service call, replacing a system or a seasonal tune up, all of our services are provided by skilled, reliable technicians.

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