It’s summer. There’s only a few more weeks left in July

It’s hot! What will you do if the AC stops working?

You decided not to schedule a Pre-Season AC Safety Check back in May! What could go wrong?

The oppressive humidity may already be affecting your air conditioning system’s performance. Did you know that the humidity taxes your system more than the heat does?

Your air conditioning system also removes moisture from the air. When the humidity level skyrockets, your system may not be able to handle it making your house feel less cool than expected.

Yep, the high humidity cancels the cooling you’re expecting. And, you’ll end up paying more to cool your home less efficiently and effectively.
High humidity is a weather event! Humidity is more than part of summer weather.

You may think your system is large and powerful enough to handle the heat and humidity. If you have an oversized system, it could be working against you.

Why? Because it doesn’t need to run as much so there’s less of an opportunity to remove most of the moisture from the air.

What can you do? Call Jim Dorsey and Son to do a late summer performance check and/or a fitness check. That’s fitness as in -n does your system efficiently fit your needs?

We’ll determine if the condenser, evaporator and tubing is handling the humidity as it should be. We’ll check for blockages and other situations that may be affecting your system’s optimum performance.

We’ll also let you know if your system is the correct size to handle your heat and humidity performance needs.

So, if you live in Lakeville, the Bridgewaters, Attleboro, Foxboro, Assonet, Marshfield, Plymouth, Sharon, Norton or Easton give Jim Dorsey & Son a call!