October 31 is the last day for you to take advantage of a great opportunity! It may be hot now and heating may be the furthest thing from your mind.

Rely on a qualified heating contractor when selecting the size of your heating system. A system that is too large can be wasteful, and a system that is too small can’t provide proper comfort and will be overworked. Qualified contractors help you make smart decisions.

Jim Dorsey and Son is a qualified heating contractor. We’ll estimate the heat-loss and evaluate the insulation levels and the square footage of your home’s wall, roof, and floor space exposed to the outside.

Your Jim Dorsey and Son qualified heating contractor will calculate the appropriate capacity your new heating system needs. We’ll http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/sleeping-aids/ supply you with a written proposal.

Our proposal outlines the work to be done, an agreed upon price and any post-installation services you may require. We’ll also work with you to find any applicable rebates and financing.

Current rebates may be available through Mass Save® or the manufacturer of the equipment selected. It’s also important to remember that Jim Dorsey and Son will also assist you with understanding your annual energy payback and savings.

Guarantees and Warranties
A new heating system is a major investment. Be sure you understand the warranties that come with your new equipment and ask questions for clarification.

So, if you live in Lakeville, the Bridgewaters, Attleboro, Foxboro, Assonet, Marshfield, Plymouth, Sharon, Norton or Easton give Jim Dorsey & Son a call!